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Order management

Order management, storage of: finished products, raw materials and semi-finished products

Order management

Our office handles the connection between storage and transport services.

We believe in high-quality communication as the pillar of an efficient logistics and for this reason we collaborate with specialized IT technicians to answer any specific need with a flexible approach.

In particular, we can interface our systems with the most common management software used by our customers. We guarantee constant backup activities and data storage – both virtual and physical – for mutual security and business continuity.


All operational flows of the warehouse are mapped by the system and are coordinated with inputs from outside. Every phase of the physical movement of the products corresponds indeed to a computer input:

Identification of the product through barcode and creation of the data sheet including all relevant information (lot, expiry date, ADR class, danger, and so on);

Physical allocation of the product following the instruction given by the system and based on the info included in the data sheet;

​Receiving of customer orders and launching of picking activities through the radio frequency system;

Preparation of the goods and update of the warehouse inventory;

Easy inventory handling of stocks according to several parameters;

Fast handling of return and/or collection orders.

Finished products management

Withdrawal of finished products from production sites all over Italian and European territory, storage in suitable facilities allowing virtual and physical availability of good within four hours from its arrival, picking and packaging, preparation and forwarding of the shipments within the same day or – at the latest – the day after the transmission of the order, according to agreed cut-off, issuance of transport documents.

Management of raw materials & semi-finished products

Withdrawal of raw materials or semi-finished products in Italy and in Europe. Storage in suitable facilities allowing virtual and physical availability of good within four hours from its arrival and just-in-time service with replenishment of production sites upon customer request, Kanban management.